Why Paul Merson Is Wrong About Tottenham: A Comprehensive Argument


Paul Merson, a well-known British soccer commentator, has uttered some choice words about Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Namely, he believes that they will not make it to the top four of the English Premier League this season and, in turn, will not qualify for the European Champions League. While Merson's opinion may certainly be aired, it does not consider some salient facts about Spurs and their current situation. In this blog post, I will systematically dismantle Merson's argument and illustrate why he is wrong about Tottenham.


1) Merson cites Tottenham's lack of signings in the summer transfer window as a key reason why they will not make it to the top four. However, he does not consider the fact that Spurs have been very busy in the market, just not how Merson would have liked. They have sold players like Kyle Walker, Nemanja Matic, and Danny Rose, and have brought in players like Davinson Sanchez, Serge Aurier, and Fernando Llorente. While they may not be marquee signings, these new players will add depth and quality to the Spurs' squad.


2) Additionally, Merson seems to forget that Mauricio Pochettino is a very good manager who has turned Tottenham into one of the top clubs in England. Under Pochettino's guidance, Spurs have finished in the top four of the Premier League for the past three seasons. They are also one of only two English clubs to have made it to last season's Champions League final (the other being Liverpool). Therefore, it is foolish to write off Tottenham this season.

3) Finally, Merson's predictions are often wrong. Last year, for example, he predicted that Manchester City would win the Premier League, while Tottenham would finish in seventh place. In reality, Tottenham finished in third place and Manchester City won the league.


4) Merson has also predicted that Liverpool would win the Champions League this year, while Tottenham would finish in fourth place. This is also highly unlikely, as Liverpool is currently third in the Premier League and Tottenham is fifth.


 Merson's predictions are often inaccurate, so it is best not to rely on them.



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